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It's a Seller's market in Livingston County!


According to a Forbes article from December 26th entitled Five Things Consumers Should Expect From The Housing Market in 2013 the national housing market has finally turned the corner. Home value appreciation has steadily increased month after month for the past 13 months and is predicted to continue in 2013.
"Homeowners looking to sell in 2013 can largely rest assured they won't be selling at the bottom, and many will find themselves in a seller's market. Potential buyers in 2013 may be more motivated to get a deal done while affordability is still extremely high and mortgage rates continue to be historically low."
In 2012 Livingston County home values have increased 9% over 2011 and are predicted to grow another 10% in 2013. Inventory is extremely low in our area creating a seller's market. It is not uncommon for buyers to put offers in, competing for homes and not getting the property they had hoped for.
Having home values increasing at such a steady pace has also helped people underwater resurface. People who could not afford to move in past years should consider having an expert equity analysis conducted. It may be time to reevaluate your future and make a move.
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Wishing everyone a Happy,  Healthy and Prosperous 2013!

Sarah McMahon

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